Thursday, August 30, 2012

John Cabot: The Beginnings

I haven't posted the past two days because I have been rather busy with handling forms for John Cabot as well as moving into my new apartment etc etc etc...

I won't bore you with the unnecessary details, but instead take a look at my new apartment!

Entryway and dining table

Tiny kitchen, but solid

Living room space and main window

 Views out the main window


View out bedroom window

I've been really enjoying meeting all my new JCU friends. In particular, I've spent a lot of time hanging out with a group of guys who all live in the same apartment. Their names are Bobby, Jacob, Alex, Austin, and Sam. Fun group of guys to hang out with and go out and have a good time with. Pictures to come later

The past two nights we've gone out to bars. Both nights everyone has been sorta tired because of jetlag and whatnot, so things haven't been too crazy, but even just hanging out doing random things has been really fun. It's great to meet new people. There a ton of other people that I've met, but I haven't hung out with anyone as extensively. Not really any exciting stories yet, but I promise they will come!

Also met my roommate, Eric, today. Haven't really gotten much of a chance to get to know him yet, but that comes with time. First meeting of him involved him moving in while I was passed out on my bed and waking up to him being in the bedroom. Seems I meet all my roommates that way (Michael... lol)

Everyone spent 5 Euro to all go on a walking tour of Trastevere, the neighborhood that we're located in. The tour wasn't really that interesting to be honest, but I got a couple sweet photos along the way for you to take a look at :)

The Tiber River

Cool photo of standard alley in Trastevere

Piazza closest to my apartment, place where everyone gathers at night to sit and people watch

Tree man...? Don't know what he was doing, but his face looked like Robin Williams when he smiled :P

Only other interesting thing was grocery shopping for the first time entailed me learning that their grocery stores work drastically different! And.... they don't sell salad dressing.... I gotta make my own from oil vinegar and salt. LAMESAUCE!

Sorry for a primarily photo-oriented update, but this transition period doesn't really entail many interesting stories or adventures yet. I promise more to come!

Everyone was already talking about planning some trips to a bunch of different fun places, so I'm certain that there shall be some great stories to come :D



  1. So glad you have met friends you like. Big unanswered question - is your ATM now working? I assume so but would love to actually know.
    This weekend we are watching Kiara all weekend. Plan to take her to Sea World, the beach, and a Horse show with jumping (held where you had your horseback riding lessons and where Rex went to that dog event when your arm was broken). She has been on a horse twice this summer so we thought that would be fun. Love from Mom and Dad.

  2. YES! It works and I'm so happy!
    Awwww sounds like it'll be a really fun weekend with Kiara. lemme know how it goes!