Wednesday, September 5, 2012

La Notte di Cantare (The Night of Singing)

So tonight was one hell of a Wednesday night! After getting all my homework done and making myself,with significant assistance from Sloan via Skype :P, I made my own creamy pink sauce for some spaghetti with turkey, grilled tomato, caramelized onions, and spinach. Absolutely delectable!

From there on out, the night only got better. All of us JCU students were sorta missing America so we decided to go out to the main American bar, Scholars Lounge, and grab a drink.

As soon as we arrived, we knew this night would be a little more wild than we thought it would be going in. Here's a blurry snapshot of one of the two bar rooms, this one was a karaoke room ;)

Karaoke Room
Tonight I got to enjoy my very first Irish Carbomb! It was nomnomnomnom, but definitely on the pricey end of the scale. Well worth it!

Alex, Bobby, and I were inspired by some of the other drunk goofballs on stage, so we decided to make fools of ourselves and go on up. Here's a shot of me getting ready to make a complete idiot of myself :P

Right before Karaoke
Guess what song we did.....

YUP! That's right! We sung Call Me Maybe. If you don't know the song, then check out this link.... Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Needless to say, we really got the people going gorillas.

Rockin out
Rockin out... AND lookin stupid!
Yes... we we're wonderful performers and amazing singers :)

Alex, Bobby, and I singing our hearts out
Here's a couple more photos of us and some of the people we went with: Eric, Emily, Erica, and Sarah... LOL I just noticed they are all E names except Sarah... weird o.O

The guys
The whole group
Well, that's about it! It was a really fun night gettin up on stage and performing for a crowd of 100+ drunk people in an American Bar in Bella Roma!


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  1. Wow, what fun!! Glad to read you did your homework first. But what the heck.